With our network spanning across the globe, we are a team of highly specialist and skilled consultants of choice for the leading technology providers in the Supply Chain industry.

Warehouse Technology

In a market constantly being pushed to its limits to evolve due to increasing demand for rapid shipping, factoring in the huge labour shortages the industry is facing, having a deep-rooted network of high calibre leaders is more important than ever

Enterprise Supply Chain Management

The significant growth in the e-commerce world is one of the key factors driving this market’s growth. Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle worker shortages is providing an impetus to the market growth.

We are side by side Supply Chain Management (SCM) providers on the forefront of seamless omnichannel applications

Freight Technology

The investment in the freight technology, or FreightTech sector, has been increasing since 2014 and surging rapidly in the last year. Supply Chain Tech firms raised more than $62bn in 2021, with $9bn of this going to freight tech start-ups.

Marconi Associates are working alongside developers of digital logistics solutions looking to revolutionise this behemoth of an industry by helping them hire world-class leaders globally

Last Mile

The final stage of the delivery journey. Last-mile technology enhances last-mile delivery by pushing boundaries forward and enabling better deliveries and consumer experiences

We work with autonomous delivery vehicle (ADV) providers, as well as drones and robotics companies who are all working together to help reduce and eliminate delays

Our Vacancies

Do you have 10 years of experience leading high performing sales teams in an  enterprise selling culture? Do you want to work for one of the fastest growing robotics companies in the world?